The Chelmsford Ghost Walk... where history meets mystery, and dark storytelling awaits you.

Hear bizarre stories. See the city with fresh eyes. Experience Chelmsford’s intriguing past based on true events. Come walk with us...

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What if... what you know about Chelmsford isn't the whole story?

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Ever since starting MailChimp 18 years ago, I’ve always been told that my way was wrong. My way has never been to “be big.” My way was always to “be useful.” My company has become a global brand with millions of customers, over $525 million in annual revenue, and almost 1000 employees united by a single mission to help companies of one and entrepreneurs. Go figure. There’s not one, right way. Only your way. Paul’s book, Company of One, can help you find your way.
Ben Chestnut
Co-founder and CEO, Mailchimp
Company of One will give you invaluable insights to focus on the purposeful, interesting, and impactful work you actually love doing, right alongside permission to stop blindly chasing growth by defining success on your own terms. This book is great for freelancers, side-hustlers, and small business owners who are looking to bring autonomy, self-reliance, and creativity to their work without becoming total workaholics.
Kathleen Shannon & Emily Thompson
Authors of Being Boss
Your business can thrive with less! Company of One is a riveting, lucidly written guide to run a successful minimalist business.
Joshua Fields Millburn
The Minimalists
Growth has been hacked to simply mean “more”. More revenue, more customers, more employees, more products, more, more, more. That’s a tragically myopic view of growth. Paul Jarvis will help you open your eyes to a broader, wiser definition of growth. One of learning, one of betterment, one of contentment. There’s never been a more opportune time to launch or run companies that embrace having and being “enough”. The most important ingredient is a new worldview. Company of One can give you just that.
David Heinemeier Hansson
Founder of Basecamp

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